Kelvinator 2.7kW ..

Kelvinator 2.7kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH26CRE

Kelvinator 2.2kW ..

Kelvinator 2.2kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH20CRE

Kelvinator KWH39HRE ..

Kelvinator KWH39HRE Reverse Cycle Box Air Con AC C3.9kW H3.6kW Wall Window

Kelvinator 2.70kW/2.45kW ..

Kelvinator 2.70kW/2.45kW Window/Wall AC - KWH26HRE

Devanti 4.1kW Window Air ..

Devanti 4.1kW Window Air Conditioner

Kelvinator 5.3kW/4.8kW ..

Kelvinator 5.3kW/4.8kW Window/Wall AC - KWH53HRE

Kelvinator 5.3kW ..

Kelvinator 5.3kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH53CRE

Kelvinator 1.6kW ..

Kelvinator 1.6kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH15CME

Dimplex DCB09 2.6kW AC ..

Dimplex DCB09 2.6kW AC Reverse Cycle Window Box Air Conditioner/Cooling/Heating

Kelvinator 3.9kW/3.6kW ..

Kelvinator 3.9kW/3.6kW Window/Wall AC - KWH39HRE

Kelvinator 6kW/5.5kW ..

Kelvinator 6kW/5.5kW Window/Wall AC - KWH62HRE

ALUA- Window-Mounted ..

ALUA- Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner Portable with Mechanical Controls Telecontrol Type Air-Conditioner Fan with Cold Breeze (Color : Brown, Size : Telecontrol Type)

Devanti 1.6kW Window ..

Devanti 1.6kW Window Wall Box Refrigerated Air Conditioner Conditioning Cooler Cooling Only

Dimplex 1.6kW Window ..

Dimplex 1.6kW Window Wall Box Cooling AC Air Conditioner Cooler w/ Remote White

Kelvinator 3.9kW ..

Kelvinator 3.9kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH39CRE

Kogan Window/Wall Air ..

Kogan Window/Wall Air Conditioner (3.5kW, Reverse Cycle)

Kelvinator 6kW ..

Kelvinator 6kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH62CRE

Dimplex DCB14 4.1kW AC ..

Dimplex DCB14 4.1kW AC Reverse Cycle Window Box Air Conditioner/Cooling/Heating

Kelvinator 2.2kW/1.9kW ..

Kelvinator 2.2kW/1.9kW Window/Wall AC - KWH20HRE