Kelvinator 2.2kW ..

Kelvinator 2.2kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH20CRE

Dimplex DCB14 4.1kW AC ..

Dimplex DCB14 4.1kW AC Reverse Cycle Window Box Air Conditioner/Cooling/Heating

Kelvinator 6kW/5.5kW ..

Kelvinator 6kW/5.5kW Window/Wall AC - KWH62HRE

Kelvinator 2.70kW/2.45kW ..

Kelvinator 2.70kW/2.45kW Window/Wall AC - KWH26HRE

Kelvinator 6kW ..

Kelvinator 6kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH62CRE

Kelvinator 3.9kW/3.6kW ..

Kelvinator 3.9kW/3.6kW Window/Wall AC - KWH39HRE

Kelvinator 5.3kW ..

Kelvinator 5.3kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH53CRE

Kelvinator 1.6kW ..

Kelvinator 1.6kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH15CME

Kelvinator 3.9kW ..

Kelvinator 3.9kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH39CRE

Kogan Window/Wall Air ..

Kogan Window/Wall Air Conditioner (3.5kW, Reverse Cycle)

ALUA- Window-Mounted ..

ALUA- Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner Portable with Mechanical Controls Telecontrol Type Air-Conditioner Fan with Cold Breeze (Color : Brown, Size : Telecontrol Type)

Devanti 4.1kW Window Air ..

Devanti 4.1kW Window Air Conditioner

Dimplex DCB09 2.6kW AC ..

Dimplex DCB09 2.6kW AC Reverse Cycle Window Box Air Conditioner/Cooling/Heating

Devanti 1.6kW Window ..

Devanti 1.6kW Window Wall Box Refrigerated Air Conditioner Conditioning Cooler Cooling Only

Kelvinator 5.3kW/4.8kW ..

Kelvinator 5.3kW/4.8kW Window/Wall AC - KWH53HRE

Dimplex 1.6kW Window ..

Dimplex 1.6kW Window Wall Box Cooling AC Air Conditioner Cooler w/ Remote White

Kelvinator KWH39HRE ..

Kelvinator KWH39HRE Reverse Cycle Box Air Con AC C3.9kW H3.6kW Wall Window

Kelvinator 2.7kW ..

Kelvinator 2.7kW Window/Wall Cooling Only AC - KWH26CRE

Kelvinator 2.2kW/1.9kW ..

Kelvinator 2.2kW/1.9kW Window/Wall AC - KWH20HRE